Are you having an event?

What if you could have all your guests easily share every picture and video they took from the event with you?

Now you can

With Nalu Moments and it's really easy.

Guests from your event simply scan a flyer with a QR code that takes them straight to the Nalu Moments event page.

Your guests can now upload videos

And photos already stored on their device or they can record a personal message for your event.

All in the highest possible quality.

Now you can easily browse all the videos, photos and personal messages that were shared with you in one location for you to download and enjoy.

Try it at your next event!

No more trying to hunt down guests to share the great moments with you.

Nalu moments Is the simplest way to capture moments and personal messages from your guests.


Capture Unforgettable Moments with Nalu Moments

Enjoy unlimited moments upload when you buy a package. Choose a package depending on the size of your event, or buy credits to upgrade your event size or to create more events.

Small Event

$ 49
  • Unlimited Uploads of Photos & Videos
  • Up to 25 Downloads and Approved Moments

Medium Event

$ 99
  • Unlimited Uploads of Photos & Videos
  • Up to 75 Downloads and Approved Moments

Large Event

$ 189
  • Unlimited Uploads of Photos & Videos
  • Up to 200 Downloads and Approved Moments

Grand Event

Contact us
  • For Conferences, Corporate Events
  • Grand Events with over 200 attendees





Our innovative technology is backed by the protection of one or more patents, including US11615096 and US11615096. These patents acknowledge our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions to our users.